The Island


Vaero s'Deregh ( V-air-oh-s D-er-ai ) is the biggest island in this world. It is mainly inhabited by dragons, though some Wyverns have been known to live there. It is ruled over by a Queen, and the Wyverns have their own leader in different parts of their territory.

The City

The city where the Queen and royal family live is to the left of the island, under the volcano

It is the most populated part of Vaaero s'Deregh, despite being in constant danger from being destroyed by the volcano. Its buildings are all created from marble, with the rooftops being mainly gold.


Ice dragons live here because of the cold. The ice never melts because of the presence of so much ice dragons, keeping it like that and ensuring the ice won't melt.Sometimes the ice grows bigger or shrinks, depending on the number of ice dragons. Currently, it has stayed the same way as it is now for over 1000 years. Tuur'ac is next to The City and the River

Temple of Zyreph

This is a temple in a small part of the island that it cut off by the river. It is famous for its fountain of the legendary wyrm Zyreph. It shows Zyreph twisting around, and at the bottom of the fountain is golden liquid. Many visitors visit here and drink from the fountain: believing it to be good luck. The golden liquid comes from deep underneath Vaero s'Deregh, but it is closer to the surface here.